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Armageddon 4.0…. A home brewed D&D 4.0 Adventure

This is a campaign created by SweetDungeonMistress. This campaign is heavily inspired by the bible and the biblical text of Revelation. I just thought it would be fun to make a game centered around the end times.

The World This campaign is set in the world I have created called Sartaria. Not sure where I got the name from but its cool enough. I run most of my campaigns based in this world to make things easier.

The world is comprised of 5 Kingdoms. Each is vastly different but all exciting!


The World

Liestra: The centermost Kingdom in this world. It is the wealthiest and most influential. Lead by King Bastian, who became King at age 3, he is now 30. This Kingdom has always done well but has mostly relied on tribute for its vast wealth. They are part of what is known as the Sartarian Alliance (which consists of 3 of the most powerful Kingdoms in the world.) This Kingdom has representatives from every race residing within its borders. There are clusters of towns that are completely Elven within the great woodlands, they do not take kindly to strangers especially Humans.

Kilarta: This is the westernmost Kingdom of the world. Known for their fine wines and ales, this Dwarven/Halfling dominated Kingdom does pretty well for itself. Lead by the great king, Asheshaverous Thinglebotham, this is a very united kingdom. Their slogan is together we prosper, apart we fade away.

Toggellithia: This is the northernmost Kingdom and is part of the Sartarian Alliance. As a result of this they prosper in spite of the harsh conditions they are faced with. This kingdom has a long history of slaveholding and Piracy. It is known for its great port cities. It is lead by the “benevolent” King Reageanald. The Sartarian Alliance has threatened to kick them out several times for what it called irrehensible behavior, but has yet to do so because of the gold deposits that are rumored to lie below the surface in the center of this kingdom.

Rye: This is the Southernmost kingdom and is the third member of the Sartarian Alliance. This is the technological capital of the world. This Kingdom is dominated by Halflings and Dragonborn (the Halflings are subservient to the dragonbornes). Lead by King Alleara, whom for some reason looks like a really tiny Dragonborn, smaller than most Halflings, this Kingdom prospers because of his cunning. This Kingdom has gone through many coups and its name changes quite consistently.

Nonamia: This is the Eastern most kingdom. This Kingdom has been war ravaged for generations. For the past 5 years it has been lead by King Thomas, a human. This Kingdom consists mostly of Human, Elves and Eladran, with pockets of other races. They are trying to form a standing military instead of the volunteer one they currently have.


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